Bridge Designing workshop

The designer should have first seen and studied many bridges in the course of a long learning process. He should know what type of beam may be suitable in the available conditions, a beam bridge, an arch bridge or a suspended one. He should also know the influence of foundation conditions on the choice of spans and structural systems etc. Hence, the designer of the bridge should not only be a learned person but also an experienced one. At auspicious moments an intuitive flash may provide a new solution, which fulfills the task better than known conventional solutions (intuition, creativity leading to innovations).

Bridge Design Course Content

  • » Introduction
  • » Principles of Limit States Design
  • » Loads
  • » Geotechnical Site Characterization
  • » Geotechnical Design Parameter Selection
  • » Spread Footing Design
  • » Driven Pile Design
  • » Conventional Retaining Wall and Abutment Design
  • » Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Design
  • » Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation

Bridge Design Kit Content
1. Software Tool Kit